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Pet cremation services for vets in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Central Coast and Newcastle 

Unfortunately, a time comes in every pet owner's life when they must say farewell to their much-loved companion. As a trusted vet, you will most likely be a very important resource for pet owners. Whether you are administering euthanasia to a chronically sick animal, or you're unable to save a furry friend in their final moments, you're always trying your best.

When it comes to supporting your clients in their grief, many vets choose to partner with Patch & Purr Pet Cremations to ensure their patients are given the send-off they truly deserve.


Become a Vet Partner

At Patch & Purr, we offer private cremation services for all pets. Thanks to our unique Pet Tracker™ technology, pet owners will receive the ashes of their pet, and only their pet.

We recognise the importance of offering your clients the best possible level of service. As a Patch & Purr Partner, you can rest assured that the pet cremation process will go smoothly for both yourself and your client.

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Why Patch & Purr

We are completely transparent. All Vets are provided with access to the Vet Portal dashboard, allowing clinic staff to easily enter a client's pets details to notify us they are ready to be brought into our care. We have an open-door policy for you and your clients and welcome you to visit our facilities. Pet owners are also welcome to come and say their final farewells in one of our purpose-built viewing rooms. All of our facilities have video cameras throughout to provide peace of mind to you that we are doing what we say.

At Patch & Purr, we manage our cremation facilities and transport fleets, ensuring they are kept to the highest standards. We are owned by one of the country's leading providers of funeral and related services. Our longevity gives you peace of mind that we have the experience and credentials to ensure best-practice cremation services at all times.


Our Guarantee


Pet TrackerTM

This unique tracking system follows each pet throughout their journey, with checks and double-checks along the way. At every step of the journey, our team meticulously checks and validates the pet’s identity, allowing us to track their precise location, and stage of their journey at all times. 


Vet Portal

Our web-based Vet Portal portal allows you to track your client's pet through the process, as well as see our work-flow in real-time. You get full training in your personalised Vet Portal dashboard at no extra cost.



We have video cameras in all our facilities to record everything we do. We have nothing to hide.


Full disclosure facilities

Our facilities are managed by us and we can assure you and your clients that each pet is cremated alone and on-site. We invite you to inspect our cremation at any time.

Trust & experience

 Patch & Purr is owned and managed by one of Australia's leading providers of funeral and related services. You can trust us to provide quality care, exceptional customer service and round-the-clock assistance.


7-Point Pet Tracker™ Technology

At Patch & Purr, we recognise that every much-loved pet deserves a dignified final send-off in return for their unwavering companionship. As a result, we are proud to offer private cremation services. We guarantee that the ashes that your clients receive are their pet's and only their pet's.

We do this by using our unique tracking technology. If a pet dies at the vet clinic, either by euthanasia or following an unexpected accident, you will be asked to tag the pet with the Pet Tracker™ system tags . 

With complete transparency at every stage of the cremation process, we assign a unique identification number to the beloved pet at the time of booking. This identification follows each pet throughout their journey, with checks and double-checks along the way. At every step of the journey, our team meticulously checks and validates the pet’s identity, allowing us to track their precise location, and stage of their journey at all times. This ensure you absolute peace of mind that your client is receiving their beloved pet’s ashes home, and only their pet.

Vet Portal

As a Patch & Purr Vet Partner, you will gain access to the Patch & Purr Vet Portal system. In the portal, you will log and monitor your pet cremation cases in real time. Simply input the patient and owner details, including pet's name, owner's name, date of death and weight into Vet Portal and this information will be sent directly to your nearest Patch & Purr location.

You can even include the owner's wishes, for example a paw print or lock of fur. This guarantees that your client's queries are taken into account from the moment that their pet enters our care.

The Patch & Purr team will be in touch to arrange a pick-up time.






Support For Vets

Keep reading to learn all about pet cremation, including private cremation, regulations around scattering ashes and how to choose a pet urn, so you can help your client in their time of need.



What's the difference between Private and Communal Cremation?

Private Cremation commemorates your pet’s life by way of:

• Cremation in their own private chamber
• Return of your pet’s ashes
• Dispersal of their private ashes back to earth Private Cremation also allows you to honour your pet with a beautiful keepsake reminder alongside a memorial product to embrace their ashes.

Our brochure and website offer the following options:
• Wooden Vessels
• Memorial Urns
• Garden Urns & Plaques
• Jewellery
• Keepsakes

 Our thoughtful team will take special care of your pet throughout their journey with us. Their journey is commemorated with our Cremation Certificate, Poem and signature XO Candle.


Communal Cremation offers the following for your pet:

• Cremation in a Communal Chamber with other pets
• Dispersal of their combined ashes back to earth

It is important to understand that your pet will be cremated alongside other pets in one designated Communal Chamber and that ashes will not be returned home.

Memorial products and keepsakes are not available with Communal Cremation.


Resources, Help & Advice for Vets

 Pet owners often look to vets and vet nurses for advice, support and compassion during the darkest of times. Whether you're responsible for administering euthanasia or simply guiding your clients through the unexpected death of a pet, we're here to help you on your journey. Take a look at the links below for more help and advice for vets.

Supporting Your Clients

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Explaining A Pet's Death To A Child

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Your questions answered

The death of a pet is likely to be as traumatic to your clients as losing a human loved one. Pets are important members of the family, therefore end of life decisions are likely to be the last thoughtful thing can do for their pet. You'll no doubt be full of questions, and that's where we're here to help. 

This section is designed to guide you and your clients through the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about choosing pet cremation services.


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