Complaints Handling Policy


Complaints Handling Policy


At InvoCare, we strive to deliver high quality service and the best possible products for our client needs. We understand there are situations when you may feel dissatisfied with the services or products we provide and you may wish to make a complaint. We use all feedback, including complaints, to evaluate and improve the services and products we offer.

When you contact us with a complaint, you will receive a Complaint Reference Number. Please keep this number somewhere safe in case you need to contact us again so we can access a detailed record of your complaint and be ready to assist you further. We treat every complaint seriously and we endeavour to resolve your issue straight away. If your complaint cannot be resolved by your first point of contact, it will be escalated immediately. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 10 business days. As we work to resolve your complaint, we may contact you if we require more information.

This policy sets out how you can make a complaint to InvoCare and have your concerns addressed.

Policy Review

We will review this policy regularly.

Guiding Principles for Complaints Handling

InvoCare staff are guided by these principles when they handle and resolve complaints.

Access and Assistance

InvoCare’s complaints handling process is accessible to all our clients, through our websites, or through the staff you deal with.

Fair and Reasonable Treatment

We will deal with your complaint fairly and in a timely manner, while considering all the circumstances of the complaint and any special needs you may have. Anyone making a complaint will be treated with courtesy, consideration and respect. InvoCare staff will maintain impartiality, confidentiality and transparency when they are managing complaints, and will handle all records in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.


We recognise that some of our clients have particular needs or require extra assistance in expressing a grievance or making a complaint. We will be flexible when dealing with complaints and use complaint handling methods that help us resolve issues as quickly as possible.


We are committed to resolving complaints within 10 business days of receipt whenever possible. If a complaint might take longer than this to resolve, for example if it is a very sensitive or complex matter, we will let you know. We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, as we work to resolve it.

How to Make a Complaint

We aim to make it easy for you to contact us and provide us feedback or make a complaint. We encourage you to visit us at our locations or phone our location and we will acknowledge your complaint immediately when you speak to one of our staff. Alternatively you can also contact us and make a complaint online via our website. To avoid any misunderstanding you should make it clear at the beginning of your call that you wish to make a complaint. We will acknowledge all complaints, other than those made directly with staff over the phone or via our website, within one business day.

Complaints Handling Process

InvoCare treats every complaint seriously and we endeavour to resolve your issue straight away. If this cannot be achieved, we will offer to escalate the matter to find a resolution in the shortest timeframe possible. If your complaint cannot be resolved by your first point of contact, it will be escalated immediately. Initially this will be escalated to a supervisor or manager and, if a resolution is still not reached, it will then be referred to our Compliance and Risk Manager.

If we are unable to resolve your concern immediately, we will address your complaint within 10 days. As we work to resolve your complaint, we may contact you if we require more information.

If your complaint deals with something which does not relate to the products or services we provide, we will explain this to you and try to help you identify a course of action in order to address your issue. If you would like written confirmation of the resolution to the complaint, you may request it be sent to you once the complaint is closed. If we receive a complaint that highlights a systemic problem within InvoCare, we will use the feedback we receive to review our policies and procedures, and to make the necessary changes. The complaints handling process at InvoCare consists of three distinct levels:

1. Resolving the matter at the local level

Complaints at this level may involve simple misunderstandings or provide an opportunity for a grievance to be heard, and should initially be dealt with by the staff member(s) involved. Staff will notify their managers of the complaint, and the manager will determine if the complaint can be resolved at the local level or whether it should be referred to the Compliance and Risk Manager.

2. Referral to the Compliance and Risk Manager

If we can't resolve your complaint at the local level, the matter will be referred to InvoCare’s Compliance and Risk Manager. You can also refer your complaint to the Compliance and Risk Manager, if you are not satisfied with the way we have handled it at the local level.

The role of the Compliance and Risk Manager is to:

·  provide assistance to staff and clients in the complaints handling process;
·  maintain a register of complaints received;
·  maintain and review the complaints handling framework;
·  advise the executive of the receipt and outcome of formal complaints.

3. External Review

If you are dissatisfied with our handling of a complaint, at any stage you are entitled to pursue an external method of review or management. While you are free to use these methods at any time, we strongly recommend you use InvoCare’s internal review mechanisms before seeking independent assistance.

Please note that while we are committed to resolving complaints within 10 business days whenever possible, external reviews will have their own timeframes.

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