Pre-Cremation Checklist


There are many benefits for pre-planning your pet’s final farewell. Make sure your wishes are fully manifested by carefully planning ahead for the difficult time.

You’ll get the opportunity to make as many or as few decisions ahead of time as you wish. From euthanasia to transport, memorials and urns, you’ll have the time to consider every intricate detail of your beloved friend’s last moments.

Why pre-arrange?

By pre-arranging your pet’s cremation, you will save your future self from making rushed decisions during that difficult time. Many of us cannot even conceive the pain and grief that comes with losing a pet.

Foreseeing a time without our loyal friend can be very painful. In those final weeks or days of your pet’s life, keeping busy with planning the cremation and memorial will help keep you grounded during a turbulent time.

Checklist for pre-planning a pet cremation

We’ve got a handy checklist for pre-planning your pet’s cremation. You can take care of as much or as little of this as you like ahead of time. The more you prepare, the easier it will be when the time comes to say farewell.

✔ Inform the vet of your intentions

Patch & Purr’s expert team will deal directly with your vet if your pet dies at the clinic, either unexpectedly or as part of planned euthanasia.

✔ Pick out a pet cremation package

Decide whether you’d like your pet cremated with others or alone. Find out more about private vs. communal cremation to make an educated choice.

✔ Plan a Memorial

On the day, you and your family will be invited to say your final farewell from our viewing room. You may want to read a memorial or even a poem to honour the companionship your pet gave you throughout their precious life.

✔ Select an Urn

Keep your pet in your home forever. Choose from a wide range of urns and commemorative products to match your pet’s unique personality.

✔ Choose where to scatter the ashes

Think carefully about where your pet loved to spend time. Dogs often have their favourite walks while cats opt for garden hiding spots. Even smaller pets’ ashes can be scattered wherever they chose to roam. Find out more about scattering your pet’s ashes in your garden, in public or in the ocean.

Prearranged cremations

Many people choose to prearrange their pet’s cremation, so they don’t have to worry when the time comes. To find out more about prearranging a pet cremation, click the link below.

How much does your pet cremation service cost?

Pricing information is available on our services or you can call us or request an information packet. You can alternatively speak with your Vet, be sure to ask which crematory facility is used and if they provide a choice of crematories. It is your pet so the choice ultimately belongs to you.


Grief factsheets

If you’re in need of some extra support in the days and weeks following your pet’s passing, take a look at these handy guides written by leading figure in grief and empathy education and author of "When Pets Die: It's Alright To Grieve,"  Doris Zagdanski. 

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