Choosing A Memorial Urn or Vessel


 Choosing A Memorial Urn or Vessel

Losing a pet is never easy. One moment your loyal friend is by your side, the next moment they’re not. Your home will feel empty, your routine will change and it may feel as though nothing will be the same again.

Although nothing will ever bring your pet back into your life, you may choose to purchase an urn so you can keep your pet’s ashes in your home forever.

At Patch & Purr, we're proud to offer a wide variety of pet urns, for both indoors and outdoors environments. You may already know what you want, or you may be in search of some guidance for choosing an urn. Either way, we're here to help.

Types of pet urns

A pet urn is a perfect way to keep your loyal companion in your home forever. There is a pet urn to suit every pet's personality. Below are some things to consider when picking your perfect pet urn.

  • The weight/size of your pet
  • The design of your home/garden
  • The place you want to put the urn - indoors or outdoors?
  • Your budget


If you select your pet urn in advance of your pet's cremation, we will return your pet's chosen urn ready to take pride and place in your home or garden.


Remembering your pet

The act of selecting, purchasing and placing a pet urn can help give you the closure you may be craving in the wake of losing a furry friend. In the days, weeks and months after your pet's passing, you may go through all or some of the stages of grief. Upon receiving your pet's ashes in your chosen urn, we recommend taking this opportunity to remember your loved one and the amazing impact they made on your life.

Only you can know what's the right thing to do, but it can be very healing to hold a small memorial as you place the ashes in the selected location, either in your home or in the garden.

Perhaps you will find relief in reading a poem or short eulogy surrounded by family and friends who knew your pet well. You may even want to collect their favourite toys and collar and place them beside the urn or on a dedicated shelf by a photo of your pet.

Whatever you choose to do, don't try to rush the grieving process. Small acts of kindness to yourself will help you get through this difficult time. Take moments to remember your precious pet and honour the joy they brought to you and your family in their lifetime.

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